Wax Room

Once the drawing and detailed specification of our client’s product is received, an tool with internal cavities is built, from which a wax sample is produced. After approval of this wax pattern by our client, sample casting is produced. This is than attached to the assembly to produce the desired metal component.

Shell Room

The cluster is rinsed in a pattern wash / etching solution. It is then dipped into controlled ceramic slurry. After draining, the cluster gets a first coat with ceramic media. Subsequently, secondary coatings or backup coats are given to the cluster, which is then repeated till the shell is strong enough to molten metal. As the ceramic dries, the wax is removed and then recycled for future wax pattern assembly production. These shell provide an accurate copy of the wax patterns that will be used for producing metal components


The ceramic shell moulds are fired in oven to burn out last traces of pattern material; also to give maximum strength to it. This is then removed and kept on sand beds. As per the client’s specification, the metal is melted in the furnace using certified material, which is then verified using spectrometer to ensure metal chemistry meets the specification precisely. This ceramic shell is then filled with molten metal.


Just as the molten metal cools, the shell is removed from the casting cluster using vibratory or shot blast method. The casting is then taken out from the cluster by cutting gates. Remnants of gates are then removed by grinding, and finished components are produced using shot or sand blast.

Post Processhing

» Heat Treatment
» Blasting (Sand and Shot)
» Knock Out
» Straightening


» Tapping
» Milling
» Boring
» Turning

Final Finishes

» Polishing
» Hand Buffing
» Degreasing
» Corrosion-resistant Coatings
» Anodizing
» Electro Plating
» Black Oxide
» Passivation
» Assembly

Advantages of Inveshment Casting

» Allows rapid prototype development
» Larger scope for design – from simple to highly complex parts
» Wide variety of alloys can be used
» Produces lighter and stronger metal parts with superior finishing
» Superior repeatability
» Reduces labour, tooling and machining costs
» Close dimensional tolerances
» Enhances sales appeal through improved performance
» Availability of an extensive range of final shape (85% or more)
» Physical properties remains unchanged in any dimensions
»Cost of alteration in design is lesser as compared to other techniques
» Requires little or no draft in tooling

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