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Versatile Casting Solutions – We Cover It All !

Nova Technocast Pvt. Ltd. is the service provider your business needs! 

We have an extensive range of casting solutions with optimal resources. Precise design, appropriate utility, and premium metallic quality – These three qualities define our services!

Investment casting services with experts in the industry having years of experience makes us the top name among the industrial peers in Rajkot, India.

Think investment casting with ferrous and non-ferrous components – We bring it all from Aluminium Casting to brass and aerospace investment casting. 

Industrial applications available with us – Our service range

  • For automotive industries – Our expert team of casting experts develops versatile castings for clients in the automotive Industries. It includes Aluminium Casting for delivering products like - Valve Housing, Cam, Flap, Bracket, Body Housing, Lever Control Linkage, Turbo Charger Single and Double Volute & Support Castings.
  • For aerospace industries – With Nova Technocast Pvt. Ltd., find Brass and Aluminium Investment Casting alongside machined components, specially designed for the Commercial Aircraft Industries. Our offerings for Aerospace Casting exhibit the highest quality standard and cover versatile alloy casting.
  • For marine industries – With our team of casting specialists, obtain premium quality Valve Castings suitable for pumps and tankers. One can find apt Brass Investment Casting products that fit the needs of LNG Tanker, Cryogenic Application at sub-Zero Application. We also offer castings of NAB or Nickel Aluminium Bronze Castings alongside the Brass and Aluminium Investment Casting, Bronze Castings, suitable for heavy-duty and corrosive applications.
  • Valve manufacturing industries – Our extensive manufactured casting products include control valves for Oil and Gas, Dairy, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical industries. The versatile accessories that clients can avail of with our Brass Investment Casting services are - Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, and Butterfly Valves.
  • Machined products – Connect to Nova Technocast Pvt. Ltd. for finding all the crucial components vital for the Vacuum semiconductor industry. We deliver parts like the KF Flanges, ISO Flanges, and CF Flanges. With our products, find Welded Fittings like Tees, Crosses, Elbows, etc.

Experts resolving the versatile casting needs – We deliver efficiently!

The affordability of the casting products for diverse industrial needs like Aerospace Casting, Marine casting, etc., makes us the top choice among our clients. 

  • We value the time and trust of our clients.
  • Our team adheres to the deadline for end-to-end solutions.
  • Find a one-stop solution for manufacturing, supply, and exports with us.

We give our clients ample reasons to trust our expertise for efficient offerings! Become part of the esteemed client group and resolve the casting essentials. 

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Castings & Machined Products for Automotive Industries

Nova produces various castings for automotive Industries like Valve Housing, Cam, Flap, Bracket, Body Housing, Lever Control Linkage, Turbo Charger Single & Double Volute & Support Castings.

Castings & Machined Products for Aerospace Industries

Nova produces (Aluminium and brass) castings and machined components for Commercial Aircraft Industries with highest quality standard and selected special alloys.

Castings for Marine Industries

Nova Produces Valve Castings for LNG Tanker, Cryogenic Application at sub Zero Application. Castings of NAB (Nickel Aluminium Bronze Castings), Brass Casting, Bronze Castings at highly corrosive applications.

Castings & Machined Components for Valves Industries

Nova produces various control valves for Oil & Gas, Dairy, Chemical, Pharmaceutical industries which includes Ball Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Butterfly Valves.

Machined Products for Vacuum Industries

Nova produces majority of the components supplied to Vacuum semiconductor industry. Parts like KF Flanges, ISO Flanges, CF Flanges. Welded Fittings like Tees, Crosses, Elbow.