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We, at "Nova Group", have been constructing and delivering various types of Industrial Casting and Investment Casting Processes since 2003. Our products have a variety of characteristics, including temperature resistance, high compressive strength, chemical and corrosion resistance, and dimensional precision. These items have a wide range of applications in industries such as construction, aircraft, paper and pulp, engineering, and automobiles. Our company has a high reputation in the industry because of these characteristics and the application range of our products.

Nova Group is now reaching out to every part of the globe as the topmost investment casting manufacturers from its state-of-the-art Plant, which spans 25000 square metres and is equipped with the most modern and efficient machinery. The European Union, the United States, Asia Pacific, Australia, Japan, Canada, and India all use NTPL's high-quality Investment Casting.

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To achieve minimal greenhouse gas emissions in our casting processes, we start with the design phase of the casting. The cornerstone for carbon emission reduction is accurate carbon emission prediction in our casting processes. It calculates carbon emission and works actively to reduce the same!

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Components play a crucial part in an investment casting company, and we as engineers assure that no crumby components pass through our threshold.

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Since a decade, we offer our functional efficiency that has been developed with timeless efforts. Our commitment includes punctual deliverance to you.

Business Ethics

We have built a formidable network of clients and suppliers, based on our iron-clad standard procedures.


Caring for the natural conditions and creating processes that don't disrupt the flow of the environment, is what the Nova Team has done from the start!

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